Further to the announcement of the previous article presenting my last video of Brazil, you could be interested by this publication!


After watching the Brazilian atmosphere in pictures, discover this magical place and come to take some tips that will make you leave with new tricks in your pocket!

Starting from 7th of February until the 1st of march, join the warm and perfect trade winds to progress at your convenience. You go out internship or you already know how to do a backloop, come to improve your technique and style.

You arrive with friends and some of you don’t have the required level? The kite school Escola Gostoso will be there to greet you and teach you to become an independant kitesurfer with great teachers! (Information by clicking on this link: Escola Gostoso ).


La version Française est: ICI

Versão brasileira esta: AQUI


– 3 hours of coaching per day after setting all your goals, taking videos with debriefing late in the day.

– Pictures to have a memory of your trip to Sao Miguel.

– Test the new 2015 collection of F-One Kiteboarding.

– Choose or mix different languages: English, French or Portuguese

– Book according to your preferences one or some of coaching days.

– Choose yourself your flight and / or your pousada, or specify your expectations and we book it for you.

– Possibility to rent kite equipment at the Escola Gostoso

– Possibility to book one or more days to go to Maracaju, Praia do Marco or Galinhos!



From 220 reals per day (70 euros) with a discount starting on the 2nd day.

This price includes:

– 3 hours of coaching.

-Video and debriefing.

-Test of the Fone 2015

We can purpose you accommodation including breakfast and lunch.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information: cel.rodenas@gmail.com



You can control your kite and relaunch without difficulty, going on upwind on both sides.




Sao Miguel do Gostoso

To give you a better idea of the spots that I discovered 7 years ago, Sao Miguel do Gostoso is a pretty fishing village that hosted on their coasts some kitesurfing schools. The charm of this singular place is the friendliness of the locals people who never stop to make you smile, but also the ability to evacuate a wink stress and strains of everyday life. This small village is located in the Nordeste of Brazil on the coast of Rio Grande 110 km from the capital Natal, and at 1h15 from Natal airport (NAT). The huge bay allows beginners to progress with confidence, while the reef sand with perfect waves breaking at about 600 meters from the coast offers a true playground for intermediate riders and confirmed. The wind direction is E SE, side-off shore starboard tack (wind coming from the right) blowing on average between 18 and 25 knots. Thes kites most commonly used range from 7m to 11m, and the temperature is at 28 °!



Mostly desert and exotic bay with a side wind, onshore and well flat water at low tide south of Sao Miguel.


Praia do Marco

This magical spot has a side/onshore direction and is located above Sao Miguel do Gostoso, with a huge playground! A small local restaurant will whet your palate with a mixture of typical dishes of Brazil and freshly caught fish!



Here is the place of the Nordeste to visit! It’s here that you will find one of the best spot in the world with hidden lagoons in the middle of nowhere, wave spot at the entrance of the village ..





Here is an overview of the atmosphere that you can expect: HERE


Brazil has a reciprocal visa system, so if your home country requires Brazilian nationals to secure a visa, then you will need one to enter Brazil. At the time of writing, American, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand citizens need visas, but citizens of the UK, France, Ireland and most other EU countries as well as South Africa do not. Check with the Brazilian embassy or consulate in your home country.

There are also no specific vaccination requirements, however like all tropical destinations we would recommend you bring with you some form of mosquito repellant and if you are particularly sensitive to mosquito bites, so light longer trousers for the evenings.

Brazil’s currency is the real (often written R$); the plural is reais. One real is made up of 100 centavos.
1R$ is equivalent to approximately 0.35€/$0.45US / £0.30.

We recommend changing your money BEFORE travelling as this allows you to do so in the security of your own country with no stress or uncompetitive rates of having to do so at arrival in the airport.